Klicka här för en video med min Byron F-16 i Arvika 2000 (DivX4)
Klicka här för en video med testkörning av KJ-66 turbinen i min Kangaroo (.3GP (mpeg4))
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My model planes:

JA-37 Viggen Ducted Fan with OS91 and Dynamax


My Kyocho Corsair with a 50 SX-H

My new Kangaroo (2007), turbine powered (KJ66, 8,2Kg thrust) First flown July 1:st 2007

MFK Loopings old model flying field Norrlanda

My Byron F-16 with a OS91 VR DF and original Byron fan and tuned pipe, Rom Air retracts (Retierd)

My BAE Hawk with a OS91 VR DFengine and Ramtec fan, Spring Air retracts (RiP)

My Cherokee with a OS 40 FSR ABC engine (Over 2000 flights, RiP)

My P-40 Warhawk with a OS 61 FSR ABC engine

My SkyWard Twin with two OS 20 fourstrokes

My Hughes 500 helicopter (Kyosho Concept 30) (Sold)


My Kyocho Aurum 30 EX Sport with a OS 40 FSR ABC


My Extra 230 with a Super Tigre 4500 engine (Retierd) 

My Kyocho T-33 Electric Ducted Fan with original Kyosho engine and fan

MFK Loopings new trainer (2000), Arising Star with a OS 40FP engine (Stolen)

My old Curare 25 experimental on it's dolly with a OS 25 FSR ABC engine and a tuned pipe

A small experimental version of the Pitts with a OS 25 SF ABC engine

Me and my sons Kalle & Tim with my Crusader 2001-08-03

Tomahawk II (2007-02)


Me with a new toy (2007-02), Great Planes Slinger, a fun electric flying wing. (RiP after 300m vertical dive)

World Models aircombat spitfire witth a OS 25 FSR ABC (2007-04)


Protech Laser Arrow with a MAC 61 and tuned pipe:):) (2007-05)


Multiplex FunJET... and it is FUN!!!
(This is a sponsor plane from Air V Cool)

Katana 2m with a Super Tigre 4500 engine


Above All BAE Hawk Red Arrow (EP fan)


Kyosho Jet Illusion (2007-09)



Donuts Gee Bee R2, not yet assembled, just taken out of the box.
I want this to be a fast mover, suggestions of an engine?